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Buy Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Equipment in Singapore

benefits of Lidnak Smart Automatic Fire Extinguisher (SAFE)

Beautifully designed

A beautiful addition to your decoration, is durable and maintenance free.

Place it in a prominent location for easy access in case of Fire

Simple & Hassle-Free

1. Keep a Safe Distance by Simply Rolling or Throwing Device into Fire  

2. Mount it near Fire Prone or Hazardous Area

No Special Training Required

Quality Control

Undergone all stringent quality control checks and tests for maximum performance.

SGS certified

automatic extinguisher

Dry Powder Extinguishing Agent together with a resounding 120 decibel alarm will be triggered  between 3 - 5 seconds when in contact with Fire

Safe and Harmless

Activation occurs ONLY when exposed to Fire.

No False Alarm.

Non-Toxic. Conforms to International Environmental Protection Standards

A fire extinguisher is indeed essential safety equipment that you must have in your home and commercial buildings. Lidnak Global keeps you up-to-date on safety and security concerns. We are offering a wide range of fire fighting equipment in Singapore to serve you peace of mind. Our products are designed based on rapidly advanced technology. We have picked the products of excellent quality and ensure you will get what you deserve to have enhanced safety against fire. If you are planning to build a new office or wish to enhance the safety of your existing one, you should consider installing a fire extinguisher.

We are here to help you lower the risk of fire in your residential and office premises. Presence of different electrical appliances boosts the chances of fire damage. This is why fire extinguisher helps you stay safe during disasters. We have the best fire extinguisher in Singapore to keep you safe according to the environment in your shop, warehouse, factories, home, and office. Keeping flammable materials safe in the warehouse and factory is easier with the right fire extinguisher. We keep your needs into consideration and provide high-quality fire extinguisher right away. Now, check our inventory and place your order for fire protection equipment immediately.